Gals and Dudes: Flick Academy


"Girls N' Boyze" is a renowned Film School Shorts that offers a platform for aspiring young filmmakers to showcase their talents. This exciting initiative aims to empower and inspire young girls and boys to pursue their dreams in the field of filmmaking.

The primary goal of "Girls N' Boyze" is to provide equal opportunities for both girls and boys to express themselves through the art of filmmaking. It believes that every individual, regardless of their gender, should have the chance to explore their creativity and make a mark in the film industry.

This platform offers an open and inclusive environment for young filmmakers to develop their skills, share their stories, and gain exposure.


It encourages participants to diversify the narratives and challenge societal norms through their films.

One of the focuses of "Girls N' Boyze" is to encourage more girls to join the world of filmmaking, as the industry has historically been male-dominated. By providing a space dedicated to them, this initiative aims to inspire confidence in girls and show them that they too can excel in this field.

Through their films, young filmmakers are encouraged to tackle subjects such as gender inequality, female empowerment, and breaking stereotypes. This allows them to use their creativity to address important societal issues and contribute towards positive change.


"Girls N' Boyze" also offers mentorship programs, workshops, and networking opportunities to help young filmmakers hone their skills and learn from industry professionals. By connecting aspiring filmmakers with experienced mentors, they can receive guidance and support to further develop their craft.

Film School Shorts believes that by empowering young girls and boys through filmmaking, they can become agents of change in society. It aims to break down the barriers that have limited access to the film industry for certain individuals and create a more inclusive and diverse industry.

In conclusion, "Girls N' Boyze" is an empowering initiative that provides an inclusive platform for young filmmakers.


It aims to inspire and encourage both girls and boys to pursue their passion for filmmaking and challenge societal norms through their creative works. By offering mentorship programs and networking opportunities, Film School Shorts aims to equip aspiring filmmakers with the skills and support they need to succeed in the industry.