Rescued Mountain Lion Cubs Find Hope After Tragic Loss of Mother to a Car Accident


A heartwarming story has emerged of two orphaned mountain lion cubs being saved after their mother was tragically hit by a car. The cubs, who are just a few weeks old, were found abandoned on the side of a road in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California.

The young mountain lions were fortunately spotted by a passing motorist who immediately alerted authorities. After being rescued, the cubs were taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center where they received medical care and nourishment.

It is a common belief that mountain lion mothers will often leave their cubs hidden while they go hunting for food.


However, it appears that in this case, the mother was unable to return to her cubs due to the accident. This put the fragile cubs at risk of dehydration, hunger, and predation.

Wildlife officials are now working diligently to find a suitable permanent home for the orphaned cubs. They need to ensure a safe location where the cubs can grow and thrive without the risk of human interference. The Santa Monica Mountains have a significant population of mountain lions, but due to their territorial nature, relocating the cubs in the same area could lead to conflicts with other lions.

While the two young cubs have experienced a traumatic start to their lives, they are now in good hands.


The rehabilitation center is providing them with the necessary care, including round-the-clock bottle feeding. As the cubs grow older, they will be gradually introduced to a more natural diet and environment.

This heartwarming rescue is a reminder of the impact that human activities can have on wildlife. Motorists are urged to be cautious while driving through areas that are known habitats for wild animals. By being more vigilant and aware of these animals, we can help prevent tragic accidents like this one.

The hope is that these orphaned mountain lion cubs will make a successful recovery and eventually be released back into the wild. Until then, they will continue to receive the love and care they need to overcome their early hardships. The dedicated efforts by wildlife officials and rehabilitation centers demonstrate the importance of protecting and preserving our natural environments for future generations of wildlife.