Jamie Lee Curtis reunites with Lindsay Lohan 20 years after ‘Freaky Friday’: ‘You grew up and so beautifully’


Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has melted hearts with a heartwarming reunion photo alongside her onscreen daughter, Lindsay Lohan. The pair starred together in the 2003 film "Freaky Friday," and Curtis took to social media to celebrate the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike while playfully referencing their movie.

In her Instagram post, the 64-year-old Oscar winner shared a selfie of herself and Lohan, both beaming at the camera while embracing. Curtis captioned the photo with a nod to the film, saying, "Too late. YOU GREW UP and SO BEAUTIFULLY! Well, it's Friday, and the strike is over, so hopefully, we can switch places again in the near future! @lindsaylohan @disney.



"Freaky Friday" tells the story of a mother and daughter who wake up to find that they have switched bodies. The movie was a huge success, and Curtis revealed during an appearance on "The View" in October 2022 that there have been talks about making a sequel.

Curtis discussed the possibility of a sequel, saying, "The old grandma who switches places, so then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma who's still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon." In the film, Harmon played Curtis' on-screen love interest and future husband.

She expressed her desire to see Lohan play the role of a hot grandma, while she navigates the challenges of parenting in today's world.


Curtis continued to show enthusiasm for a sequel during an interview with Today, stating that there had been "definitely some chatting" about it. She mentioned that "Freaky Friday" holds a special place in people's hearts and that there is nostalgia surrounding the film.

Both Lohan and Curtis expressed their openness to the idea of a sequel in a joint interview with The New York Times, adding that they would only move forward with the project if it was something that fans would adore. They emphasized the importance of creating a film that would be cherished by audiences.

Apart from discussions about a sequel, Curtis has been a vocal supporter of Lohan on social media.


In July, she congratulated Lohan on the birth of her first child, sharing a heartwarming post on Instagram. Curtis wrote, "MAGIC MONDAY! My movie daughter just made me a movie grandmother. Blessings to Lindsay and Bader for the birth of Luai! @lindsaylohan."

The actress had previously shared her excitement over Lohan's pregnancy news, posting pictures from Lohan's baby shower and expressing her joy for her friend and film daughter's journey into motherhood.

The possibility of a "Freaky Friday" sequel has garnered excitement from fans who grew up with the original film and now have the opportunity to share it with their own children.


Curtis and Lohan's strong bond both on and off-screen has contributed to the enduring popularity of the movie.

While the fate of a potential sequel remains uncertain, fans can look forward to the heartwarming moments shared by Curtis and Lohan as they continue to celebrate their onscreen bond and support each other in their personal lives. Whether it's switching bodies or embracing new roles in life, their connection is something that fans cherish and hope to see more of in the future.