Bill Burr's Wife Appears to Flip Off Trump at UFC 295 Event


Comedian Bill Burr's wife, Nia Hill, seems to have expressed her dislike for former President Donald Trump during a recent UFC event at Madison Square Garden. Hill was captured on camera flipping the bird, and many believe it was aimed directly at Trump.

The incident occurred during a moment when Trump appeared on the jumbotron. Hill's middle finger salute was swift and deliberate, but it is unclear if it was intended for Trump or merely a coincidental gesture. In the video, Trump can be seen sitting in the same aisle as the couple, but slightly angled ahead of them.

The gesture was caught on camera as the UFC team panned to the audience.


Hill defiantly raised both middle fingers, possibly directing her actions towards the camera rather than Trump himself. Nevertheless, right-wing Twitter users interpreted it as a deliberate insult towards the former president.

Conservatives have been quick to condemn Burr, assuming that his wife's gesture reflects his own political views. However, it is important to note that Burr rarely discusses his political beliefs in public, making it difficult to determine his stance on Trump or any other political figure.

Burr occupies a unique space in the comedy world, often criticizing both "wokeness" and right-wing ideologies.


He is an enigmatic figure who refuses to be easily categorized, and interviews with him rarely yield insight into his true political leanings.

Now, Burr finds himself at the center of controversy, with MAGA loyalists directing their anger towards him. The crowd at the UFC event appeared to welcome Trump's presence, as he arrived with prominent figures such as Dana White, Tucker Carlson, and Kid Rock.

It is worth noting that Trump has been a frequent attendee at UFC fights since the end of his presidency. Those who oppose him should be prepared to see him at these events in the future, as he continues to enjoy being part of the spectacle.


As for Burr, he is no stranger to controversy and has often faced backlash for his unfiltered comedy. While his wife's gesture may have sparked outrage among Trump supporters, it is unclear how Burr himself feels about the former president.

In the world of comedy, artists like Burr tread a fine line between pushing boundaries and expressing their own beliefs. The reaction to a simple middle finger gesture demonstrates the divisive nature of politics and how it can bleed into all aspects of public life.

For now, Burr is likely to weather the storm of criticism from Trump supporters, knowing that controversy comes with the territory of being a comedian who refuses to conform to conventional expectations. Whether he will ever reveal his true thoughts on Trump remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – Bill Burr will continue to provoke and entertain audiences with his unique brand of humor.