The Derm Saga Continues: Dive into #SkincareTips and #Dermpark in this Reactionary Final Installment


In response to the hashtag #derm and various skincare tips, a content creator has been advised to seek the opinion of a dermatologist, as mentioned in the first part of this article. Now, let's move on to Part 2 and see how the creator reacted to this suggestion.

After receiving the advice to consult a dermatologist, the content creator took the opportunity to showcase their skepticism towards the suggestion. They claimed that they have been following these skincare tips for a long time and have seen great results. In their opinion, seeking professional advice might not be necessary as they have already found a routine that works for them.


However, some followers expressed concern about the potential harm that could arise from relying solely on internet advice. They emphasized the importance of consulting a dermatologist to ensure that the skincare routine is suitable for their specific needs and skin type.

Despite the concerns raised by their audience, the content creator remained adamant in their belief that their current skincare routine is effective. They argued that seeking professional advice would only result in an unnecessary expense and potentially disrupt the progress they have already made with their skin.

In conclusion, the content creator received suggestions to consult a dermatologist after sharing various skincare tips. While some followers expressed concern about the reliability of internet advice, the creator maintained that their routine is effective and sees no need for professional input.