Unveiling the Thrilling Ingenuity: The Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster Ride at Epcot!


Walt Disney World in Epcot is set to unveil a new roller coaster ride vehicle for the Guardians of the Galaxy theme park attraction. A sneak preview of the ride's vehicle has been released, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect.

The Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster ride is part of Disney's ongoing efforts to introduce more Marvel-themed experiences in their parks. The popular franchise has already made its mark in the Disney Universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride at Disney California Adventure Park.

The sneak preview of the ride vehicle shows a sleek and futuristic design, in line with the theme of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.


The ride vehicle is equipped with individual safety restraints and offers a seating arrangement that provides an unobstructed view for each passenger.

Four riders can be accommodated in each vehicle, with each seat facing forward. The vehicle also features a unique rotation system that allows for dynamic movement during the ride. The ride designers have aimed to create an immersive and thrilling experience, combining the excitement of a roller coaster with the immersive storytelling of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

While specific details of the ride experience have not been released, fans can expect high-speed twists and turns, along with cutting-edge visual effects, to bring the world of Guardians of the Galaxy to life.


The Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster is set to be the first "storytelling" roller coaster at Walt Disney World, meaning it will feature a narrative-driven experience rather than just focusing on the thrill factor. This aligns with Disney's broader goal of creating immersive and engaging experiences for their guests.

The construction of the ride has been progressing steadily, with the framework of the attraction already taking shape. As the ride enters its final stages of development, excitement among fans is building.

The Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster is slated to open in time for the 50th-anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World, which kicks off in 2021.


With its innovative design and immersive storytelling, the ride is expected to be a highlight of the celebrations, attracting Marvel enthusiasts and roller coaster enthusiasts alike.

As the anticipation builds, fans can now get a sneak peek at the ride vehicle, giving them a taste of the immersive and thrilling experience that awaits them at Walt Disney World's Epcot.