Blown Glass Sculptor, Dan Friday Crafts an Incredible Totem Pole Featuring Bears


Dan Friday, a renowned glass artist, has recently crafted a stunning blown glass bear totem pole. This remarkable creation stands as a testament to his incredible talent and creativity.

Friday, who hails from the Lummi Nation in Washington state, has been working with glass for over twenty years. Inspired by his Native American heritage, he utilizes traditional Native designs and motifs in his artwork. His latest masterpiece, the blown glass bear totem pole, is a perfect example of his dedication to preserving and showcasing Native culture.

The totem pole, which stands at an impressive twelve feet tall, is adorned with intricate bear carvings that pay homage to the Lummi people's reverence for these majestic creatures.


The vibrant colors and intricate details of the glass bears reflect Friday's meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Creating such a monumental piece of art was no easy feat. Friday spent countless hours perfecting his design and honing his glassblowing skills to bring his vision to life. Working in his studio, he carefully shaped and manipulated the molten glass, using his expertise to create each individual bear with precision and finesse.

The blown glass bear totem pole serves as a symbol of strength and unity, both for the Lummi people and for Native American communities across the country.


It is a powerful representation of the connection between humans, nature, and spirituality that lies at the heart of Native American culture.

Friday's artwork has garnered praise and recognition from art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. His unique ability to fuse traditional Native designs with contemporary glassblowing techniques has captivated audiences and solidified his status as a leading figure in the glass art community.

In addition to the blown glass bear totem pole, Friday has created a wide range of stunning glass sculptures and installations, each with its own distinctive style and message.


From intricate masks to breathtaking vessels, his artwork continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of glass art.

By creating works like the blown glass bear totem pole, Dan Friday not only showcases his immense talent and skill as a glass artist but also pays homage to his Native American heritage. His dedication to preserving and promoting Native culture through his artwork is truly commendable, and his creations serve as a powerful reminder of the rich traditions and stories that have shaped the Native American community for centuries.