Duane Martin Won't Respond to Allegation He Had Sex with Will Smith


Actor Duane Martin has decided not to publicly address the recent allegations made against him by former friend and assistant, Brother Bilaal, who claims to have witnessed Martin engaging in sexual activity with actor Will Smith. Sources close to Martin have stated that he believes the allegations are ridiculous and has no plans to dignify them with a public response.

The allegations were first made by Brother Bilaal during an interview with Tasha K, where he claimed to have walked in on Martin and Smith engaging in anal sex in a dressing room. Bilaal described the scene as "murderous" and stated that Martin was "killing" Smith.


In response to these claims, representatives for Will Smith have firmly denied the allegations, stating that they are completely fabricated and unequivocally false. They have also mentioned that Smith is considering taking legal action against those involved.

Interestingly, Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, had a different approach to the situation. When asked about the allegations, she confirmed that the Smiths are planning to respond with a lawsuit. This suggests that the couple is taking the accusations seriously and is determined to clear their names.

Despite the public controversy surrounding the allegations, Martin has chosen to remain silent on the matter.


Sources close to him have stated that he finds the claims absurd and does not believe that they warrant a response. By not engaging in the public fray, Martin is hoping to let Smith and Pinkett Smith handle the situation.

The allegations made by Brother Bilaal have caused quite a stir in the entertainment industry. As one of Smith's closest friends, Martin's involvement in the alleged incident has shocked many. However, until any concrete evidence is presented, it is important to approach the situation with caution and not jump to conclusions.

It is worth noting that allegations such as these can have serious consequences for the individuals involved.


False accusations can damage reputations and have long-lasting effects on careers and personal lives. Therefore, it is crucial to allow the legal process to unfold and determine the truth.

As the situation continues to develop, it remains to be seen how Smith and Pinkett Smith will proceed with their lawsuit. Additionally, it is uncertain how Martin's decision to remain silent will impact the outcome of the allegations. For now, all parties involved are left waiting for further information and clarity.

In conclusion, Duane Martin has chosen not to publicly address the allegations made against him by Brother Bilaal regarding his alleged sexual activity with Will Smith.


Despite the denials from Smith's team, Jada Pinkett Smith has confirmed that the couple plans to respond with a lawsuit. The controversy surrounding these allegations has captured the attention of the public and the entertainment industry, but Martin has decided to stay out of the fray and let others handle the situation. Only time will tell how this story will unfold.