Buy Wendy's $3 Key Chain, Get a Free Frosty Every Day in 2024


Spend just a few dollars now to satisfy your sweet tooth for a full year.

Starting on Nov. 20, Wendy’s will sell a key tag for $3, which entitles customers to receive free daily Jr. Frostys through the end of 2024. The keychains are available through Feb. 14, giving customers nearly 3 months to snag the sweet deal.

As with previous years, some of the proceeds from each Frosty Key Tag support the , a charity finding permanent homes for children in foster care.

There are a few ways to purchase the Frosty Key Tag, which is available in a physical or digital version. Fans can add the tags when placing an order in stores or on the app. Or, they can buy physical key tags in bulk on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website. 


Once fans have their physical or digital tag, redeeming the free Jr. Frosty is simple. People donning the physical tag can place their order in the restaurant or at the drive-thru and then present the tag to an employee. Digital tags are used by just applying them to online orders or scanning them in the restaurant.

Right now, Wendy's is serving peppermint and chocolate Frostys, since the on Nov. 14.

Wendy’s first introduced the last November. When initially released, this was the first-ever holiday-flavored Frosty the chain had added to its menu. The wintery dessert has “bursts of refreshing peppermint” in every spoonful, per a press release.

But the fast food spot has had several flavors for their iconic treats this year. The release of the pumpkin spice Frosty in September marked the first time the fast food brand had infused the fall flavor into its frozen treats. This summer, they swapped out the vanilla Frosty for a flavor.