Making Disney BIA Slime | Cande Copello


Making Slime with Disney BIA is a video created by Cande Copello, a popular YouTuber. The video showcases the process of making slime, a popular DIY activity, with a Disney BIA theme.

In the video, Cande Copello starts by introducing herself and explaining the concept of making slime. Slime is a gooey and stretchy substance that can be created using simple ingredients such as glue, borax, and water. It has gained immense popularity among kids and young adults as it provides a sensory and creative experience.

Cande then reveals her Disney BIA theme for the slime-making process. Disney BIA is a popular television series that revolves around a group of young individuals who pursue their passion for music, dance, and acting.


The show has a dedicated fan base, and Cande decided to incorporate this theme into her slime creation.

She proceeds to gather the necessary ingredients for making slime, including clear glue, borax, water, and various glittery additives such as sequins and confetti. Cande showcases each ingredient and explains its role in the slime-making process.

Next, she starts the slime-making process by pouring the clear glue into a mixing bowl. Cande adds water to the glue and stirs it to achieve a uniform consistency. She points out that the glue acts as the base for the slime.

Continuing with the Disney BIA theme, Cande then adds blue food coloring to the mixture to create a vibrant and appealing slime color.


She stirs the mixture again to distribute the food coloring evenly.

Once the desired color is achieved, Cande adds the star-shaped confetti and sequins to the mixture, giving it a glittery and magical appearance. She shows the viewers the beautiful and sparkling outcome.

Finally, Cande adds the borax solution to the mixture gradually while continuously stirring. Borax acts as an activator and transforms the glue mixture into a slimy texture. She keeps stirring until the desired consistency is achieved, which is when the slime no longer sticks to her hands.

With the slime ready, Cande enjoys playing with it, stretching and squishing it in various ways, showcasing its stretchy and moldable properties.


She mentions how satisfying and fun it is to play with slime.

In conclusion, Cande Copello's video on making slime with a Disney BIA theme provides a step-by-step guide to creating the popular DIY activity. By incorporating elements from the Disney BIA series, Cande adds a touch of magic and excitement to the slime-making process. The video serves as a fun and creative source of entertainment for slime enthusiasts and fans of the Disney BIA series.