Cassie Settles Rape, Human Trafficking Lawsuit with Diddy 'Amicably'


After just one day, the shocking lawsuit between Cassie and her ex-boyfriend Diddy has come to an end. In a surprising turn of events, both parties released statements late Friday night, stating that they have decided to resolve the matter amicably. Cassie expressed her gratitude towards her family, fans, and lawyers for their unwavering support, while Diddy wished Cassie and her family the best.

The lawsuit, filed by Cassie on Thursday in federal court, accused Diddy of rape and engaging in human trafficking. According to Cassie, she was allegedly raped by Diddy in 2018 and forced to have sex with male prostitutes on multiple occasions throughout their relationship.


These encounters, which she referred to as "freak-offs," took place in hotel suites in various cities such as Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Atlanta.

While the allegations were shocking, law enforcement agencies in all of the mentioned cities, as well as the FBI, confirmed that there were no ongoing investigations against Diddy. His attorney immediately denied all the claims and accused Cassie of filing the lawsuit as a money grab, claiming that she had threatened to write a tell-all book if Diddy didn't give her $30 million.

The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, and neither statement from Cassie nor Diddy mentioned any monetary exchanges.


It is unclear what led to this sudden resolution, but the legal war between the two has officially come to an end.

Cassie's lawsuit sparked a range of reactions from the public, with some supporting her and others expressing skepticism. Regardless, the saga has concluded, and both parties can move forward from this chapter in their lives.

It is important to note that settling a lawsuit does not necessarily mean that the allegations are false or have been proven untrue. Settlements often occur to avoid further legal costs, time-consuming proceedings, and the emotional toll that litigation can take on both parties involved.

Now, Cassie and Diddy can put this behind them and focus on their respective futures. It remains to be seen what their next steps will be, but it is clear that this brief but intense legal battle has now reached its conclusion.