Tiffany Gomas, the Infamous 'Plane Freakout Lady,' Opens Up to Inside Edition about Her Meltdown


In a recent interview with Inside Edition, Tiffany Gomas, also known as the "Crazy Plane Lady," opened up about her flight meltdown experience. Gomas shared the details of her incident, shedding light on her actions and mindset during the ordeal.

Gomas became a viral sensation after a video of her behavior on a commercial flight circulated online. The footage depicted Gomas, clearly distressed, repeatedly yelling obscenities and causing a disturbance on the aircraft. Speaking to Inside Edition, Gomas revealed that the incident took place during a domestic flight from Indianapolis to Portland.

Gomas explained that she suffers from mental health issues, which contributed to her behavior during the flight.


She disclosed that her mental health struggles intensified after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband a few years ago. Gomas expressed her deep grief and how it has taken a toll on her overall well-being.

During the flight, Gomas experienced a panic attack triggered by claustrophobia. She described feeling trapped and overwhelmed as the airplane doors closed, leading her to act out in distress. Despite passengers and flight crew attempting to calm her down, Gomas found herself unable to regain control of her emotions.

Gomas acknowledged that her behavior was inappropriate and apologized to those who were affected by her outburst.


She expressed regret for causing such a disturbance and recognized the inconvenience and discomfort she caused fellow travelers.

To address her mental health struggles and to prevent future incidents, Gomas revealed that she is seeking professional help. She acknowledged the importance of therapy and counseling in managing her mental health conditions, which she hopes will lead to a more stable and peaceful life.

In the interview, Gomas acknowledged the impact of the viral video on her life. She expressed her fear of the lasting consequences, including the possibility of losing her job and the damage to her reputation.


However, she also admitted that the video-mediated an opportunity for self-reflection and growth, pushing her to address her mental health issues more seriously.

In conclusion, Tiffany Gomas, the 'Crazy Plane Lady,' spoke openly about her flight meltdown experience in an interview with Inside Edition. She revealed her mental health struggles and the circumstances that led to her disruptive behavior on the flight. Gomas expressed remorse and apologized for her actions, stressing the importance of seeking professional help to manage her mental health conditions. She also acknowledged the impact of the viral video on her life and hopes that it will lead to personal growth.